Googlebase FTP uploads not showing up

I have a new cart set up for a client. And I am trying to get the products loaded on googlebase. I have a googlebase account, I have the FTP logins for that. And I have exported the products and it shows as successful. However there is nothing in my googlebase admin showing the products nor can I find the products on the googlebase.

Can someone give me some more detailed stpe by steps instructions to getting this all set up. I want to see what I might have missed.

Make sure the file name you choose on google base and the file name generated bt CS-Cart are exactly the same. Also Google base does not accept files with csv extension , only .txt or xml. So when you do the export through CS-cart change the file name to match the file name on google base.

Hope this helps

Everything you need to know about Google base is here:

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Awesome, thanks. it is now processing.

work fine on gbase

bulk feeds can take a while to show up. I would give it 24-48 hours before getting too flustered.

On that note, I’ve been using a CSE feed tool to spread our CS-Cart product feeds across several comparison shopping engines (including Google Base).

It isn’t cheap, but it works very well and minimizes the time involved which would otherwise be unmanageable for those running multiple e-commerce sites.