Google Sitemap Add-On Error

Hello! I received the following message after installing the google sitemap add-on.

```php XML Parsing Error: no element found


Line Number 13, Column 1: ```

Any idea? Thank you!

I updated my store to 2.0.10. It works fine now.

Anyone else getting this error? I just enabled google sitemap and when trying to view it, I get this error:

[QUOTE]XML Parsing Error: no element found

Location: [url][/url]

Line Number 6325, Column 1:



Clear the cache and try again.


Thanks for the reply.

I just figured this out.

Problem was a huge catalog (40,000+ active products)

I didn’t realize you had to wait for it to generate the sitemap with the browser open after hitting the “clear the cache” link and then clicking on “sitemap is available by clicking on this link:” AND then waiting for it to finish the process of creating it. I assumed it was taking place in the background and closed the browser prematurely. You must wait until the actual sitemap appears to know that it is finished.

Also, if you have changed your admin.php to a different name, “Clear the cache” is hard coded to admin.php?dispatch=addons.update&addon=google_sitemap and doesn’t use the global “admin” filename that you choose in the config file.

It also creates it faster after you run it a few times.