Google Shopping UPC & Brand

I just set up a storefront and have added about 700 products. I plan to list on Google Shopping.

Is the “Google Export” add on what everyone is using or is there a better way to set up the brand and UPC? I will have to import all the UPC codes for the products that have been added to the cart as well.


You are aware Google Shopping is being replaced with Product Listing Ads and requires some changes to the current Google Shopping feed requirements. PLA may already be in your locale depending on which country you are in.

Yes, it is here in the US. Just wasn't sure what to call it.

I was noticing people mention to they were using features for the UPS and brand, so I want to make sure I have things set up correctly from the beginning and not have to go back after having loaded thousands of products to fix.


Yep, that's the way to do it. Create Product features for all of the required feed elements. Then create a feed export template by enabling the Data Feeds addon and creating a new data feed in Administration>Data Feeds.

OK thanks