Google Shopping Going To PPC Bing Now Important

With the announcement of Google Shopping migrating to a PPC model do you think it is even more important to get a datafeed up and running in Bing Shopping.

I am very disappointed that Google Shopping will not be free in the near future. It is hard enough to find free traffic but with this change small businesses seem to be getting locked out of industry. What do you think about this change?

If you are interested in a bing datafeed check out this video.

I think Google knows how to make money. Their whole strategy seems to be “first one is free”, then they figure out the model (what works and what doesn't) and then they commercialize it. Great strategy, seems to keep working for them since everytime Google does somethig everyone blindly accepts it and gives them the power.

Yes, it is very similar to the launch of Google Payments, only real difference was that they announced “upfront” that google payments would be free for the 1st year or so, then would be priced similar to Paypal Payments. I knew they would at some point in the future begin charging merchants to continue offering their products on google shopping, it was only a matter of time as I watched it grow to the point which many online businesses now heavily rely on it for revenue, I was actually surprised they hadn't switched it to a paid service sooner. Like I have mentioned before, I don't view google as a friend in any shape or form, they are monopolizing what was initially intended to be a free digital marketplace called the internet. My intentions as of now is to continue our google product feeds only up to the day that they will no longer display them for free, I refuse to continue feeding the evil monster and the license to steal ppc model. We have a large enough repeat customer business that I believe all will be just fine. I may even cancel our google adwords accounts for a few months, ramp up organic search efforts to the extreme, and re-analyze the sales figures afterwards to see how well we fare. I have hated ppc from day one mostly for one reason, “click fraud” which is impossible to fully prevent nor do I have much confidence in the providers, google, bing, etc. ability to prevent it, they are payed regardless of how good their preventative technology is. At least with other types of media advertising such as tv or radio, although expensive, you know exactly what you are paying for, it isn't based upon how many times people are clicking their remote controls, or hitting the power button.

Who will stay with google and who will go?

I'm tried of them keep changing things on people.

On the Google search page now, when you search mostly likely you will only see one non-promoted link on the first page.

Google seem to have not realised that the whole reason they took ground from the likes of Yahoo is because they interface was uncluttered with adverts and people could find sites quicker. The last part went years ago, search for anything on google now and they assume you are a buyer and so only show advertising or products on the search term.

How we need a decent search engine again ! but sadly it's not Bing and anyone hoping to get their products high in Bing need to understand it doesn't matter what you might do or what SEO you use, Bing is very very hit and miss. You are just as likely to get all your pages indexed as get none of them indexed.

I recently had a site with 200 pages in Bing, then the next day none, then the next day 600, I've just checked again now and it's 30 !

One day google will charge everything like youtube, gmail and even search option… MONEY IS MONEY…

Hello Jezzzz. You mention setting up for Bing, but the link in your initial post appears to demonstrate setting up a datafeed for current Google requirements. I've got that worked out pretty well. Is there a similar video tutorial for setting up a datafeed that works with Bing? Thanks.