Google Search Is Not Indexing My Website (Rel="nofollow")


No matter what I do, Google Search is not Indexing my website. I have submitted the sitemap long time ago and created two account in the Search Console (http + https) .. but nothing is indexing

I have noticed that the attribute (rel="nofollow") is added to the tags ..

Any idea how can I handle the Google Search Indexing?


Please share URL of your website

Just in case, does your robot.txt block google bots ?

Just in case, does your robot.txt block google bots ?

No, we checked it

Some of the reasons why google isn't indexing your site :

Just diagnose the issues.It can be :

1)Your site is indexed under www or non www Domain :

http://example.comis not the same as Make sure you add both sites to your GWT account to ensure they are both indexed.

2)Sites are blocked with robots.txt

3)Google hasn't found your site yet:

Request Google crawl and fetch your site

4)Crawl errors:

To identify the crawl errors, go to Google Webmaster Tools → Select your site, → Click on “Crawl” → Click on “Crawl Errors”. If you have any errors,you will see them in the list.

5)Lots of duplicate contents

6)Site has noindex in the metatag.

7)Site is blocked by .htaccess.

Currently,I am working for my website ,which is not yet indexed since it is new.It will take time.

Just diagnose your site for indexing issues.Hope it will help you :)

If your website has No-Index attribute it wont get index, Check your Robot.txt file.

In another case, if your website was penalized earlier it might not index.

If you share the URL then it will be easy to investigate.

if you have admin access for your website then you can to your website URL's dofollow links but for every inner links you need to do manually, how means e.g sign in this is the one URL structure in that remove (rel="nofollow" ) and no need to add (rel="dofollow"), once you removed (rel="nofollow") the updated the website by default the link will become as dofollow link. thank you.