Google Remarketing

Hi there,

We have a little problem here…

We are trying to Place Google Remarketing Code from adwords to CS Cart. Ok, the Idea is that we have to place this code on each on every page that the visitor goes to and this code must be placed just above the tag.

We tried several ways to do this like…

  1. Used the Google Remarketing Free Add-on.
  2. Tried to place the code in : Administrator Design → Blocks, then in Default Block placed the code at the bottom.

    Using both the ways we were able to see the remarketing code on all the pages but not exactly above tag also the Google Guys told us that that code is not working.

    Can someone help us out about how to place this code right above tag.

    Will really appreciate the answer.


The and tags should be found in:


OR (in CS-Cart Ultimate)



I tried this way already, we placed the code just above the tag in this file, but the code didnt show any where.

Any otherway please?

Did you clear your cache after adding your code to that file? To clear the cache, add ?cc to the end of your admin URL, like so: