Google ReCapcha add-on installed and configured but doesnt show

I closed the store due to a registration attack - then i installed the gooogle recapcha add-on.

Turned store back on - the new registration form showed the text recapcha challenge, so I assumed it was working - it allowed a test new registration.

Refresh the store and the recapcha challenge is no longer there.

Then I realized I didnt configure the recapcha settings - so registed with google got the keys and set up the recapcha options in admin add-on panel.

There is no recapcha challenge or checkbox on any form???

Any advice much appreciated,


If you configured reCaptcha v2, try to clear cookies or check results in incognito window

If you configured reCaptcha v3, you should not see checkbox (only reCaptcha badge in the left/right bottom corner)

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Looks like browser/cookie issue on my side - appears to fine now. Thank you very much for your reply,


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