Google Product Search - Has it brought you more targeted traffic?

There is a lot of discussion of how Google Product Search can be integrated, but I simply wanted to know if it is worth it - i.e. does it bring you more targeted, free traffic?

If you respond, please provide a brief description of your ecommerce site so the community can benefit from this.



First i would like to say that any exposure on google will be beneficial, be it directly or indirectly.

I am using google base, but create my google base xml manually!

My website is [url=“”][/url]

i also link to my google base xml from my site and i have a link to the google products from my site.

I do go on google at times and do a search for a specific product that i sell. The results are great!

a search for : jet kit honda magna vf750c 1988

will show my site on 4,5 and 6 and on position 8 the shopping results shown are mine.

So it show on the google search everything! not just on google shopping