Google Page Result Presentation - How to achieve this


This may be a silly thing I should know but can't find in my head so can someone help me out.

When ggl throws up results below the sponsored links you get your page title, description then quite often it will list what appears to be catagories.

I just found a hit with 6 out of 7 catagories listed. Our site has 4 catagories but ggl only lists 2

Is there a pattern, are there limits, what if any is the ggl rule for this, is there an answer ??


These are called “Google Sitelinks”, sign up to Google Webmaster Tools to gain a (very little) bit more control over these, although you can search Google all day without ever getting a definitive answer over how to get them. I can't be for certain how I have achieved it with my sites, but whatever it was, it worked.

Google assings sitelinks automatically. You can only disable incorrect sitelinks via Webmaster Tools.

If you need more information about the authority status and sitelinks, please check this url:

Thank's guys