Google not indexing product pages

Hi, I seem to have a bug in my site in that Google is unable to index all of my product and information pages. These are pages that are using the SEO add-on to convert the url into something more search engine friendly.

The weird thing is, the urls DO work, but when they are submitted to Google, Google reports a 404 error.

When i use the Google Webmaster tools and 'Fetch as Googlebot' - this is where the 404 error is found. The code Google shows appears to be the homepage of my website which is weird - its seems like Google went to the product page i told it to, and then it got bounced to the homepage.

Has anyone encountered anything like this?



I had Ruslan from Alt-Team manage to sort out and fix the problem. The problem was that in CS-Cart there are different usergroups and the indexing bot had no permissions to select products and groups from the database. Therefore, Google, Bing, Yahoo etc could not add any product or category urls to their search index.

Just thought I'd post this here in case anyone else ever encounters the same problem.