Google Merchant Id Weirdness


I will not mention names here but I have seen several addon developers develop addons that require you as a CS Cart merchant to use a Google Merchant ID. That is fine by itself were it not for the fact that you need to signup with Google as a App Developer in their Google Play App Store.

Link :

I had the following conversation with an Google representative

Hi Anthony,
Thank you for contacting the Google Payments Merchant team. I understand you want to obtain a Merchant ID. Let me give your further information.
In order to obtain a Merchant ID, first, you must have a Merchant account. Merchants are developers selling their apps and in-app purchases in Google Play and Chrome Web Store. Additionally, when I checked your email, it doesn't seem to have a Merchant account associated with it.

To create a Google Payments Merchant Center account from the Developer Console:
  1. Log into your Google Play Developer Console.
  2. Click on the Financial reports tab in the left navigation bar.
  3. From there, select Set up a merchant account now.

This will take you to the Google Payments Merchant Center to sign up as a merchant. You'll need to have information about your business handy to complete this step. Once you've set up a Google Payments Merchant Center account, you'll need to take steps to ensure your apps are sold with the proper tax for your location.

Please note that the Google Payments Merchant Center account which needs to be linked to your Google Play Developer Console account can only be linked once within the Developer Console interface. Once these accounts are linked, they can’t be removed, changed, or updated which is why it is important to make sure that you enter the correct information. Please know that you will have to sign up for a new developer account and pay the $25 fee again if changes are necessary.
Thank you for your business. Have a great day!

The Google Payments Merchant Team

If you have additional questions, please visit our Help Center at

And I replied:

Hi Lou,
Will this suggestion not conflict with my current Merchant ID 120464722 (see attachment) ?

In the attachement I included the screenshot below:

[attachment=12989:2018-02-06 17_00_34-2018-02-06 14_43_11-Merchant Center.png]

I have personal Google Plus account which is linked to several brand accounts. One of the brand accounts is for our webstore, the others are not. The brand account for our webstore shows a merchant ID but according to Google that merchant ID is not valid for anything and certainly not for the addon that I installed recently.

2018-02-06 17_00_34-2018-02-06 14_43_11-Merchant Center.png