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How to remove ?activate_redirect=0 after every rewritten url? Had to change a root category and all 500 sub-categores changed their address. I didn't check the Redirect box because site was opened 1 hour ago. But Google managed to index it meanwhile...

If I remove the sitemap from the Google console, will the indexed pages be removed too from the Google index?

Google will reindex your website. But it can take some time

The canonical URL is without “?activate_redirect=0”

Google could take the address from the “current_url” for the cart or from the ajax dropdown options…

on some pages from here only (js for the cart)

Deleted the cache for the js but it was recreated with the same parameter present

Google keeps taking the address from the cart js

default_editor: ‘tinymce’,
default_previewer: ‘magnific’,
current_path: ‘’,
current_location: ‘https://my_site’,
images_dir: ‘https://my_site/design/themes/responsive/media/images’,
notice_displaying_time: 5,
cart_language: ‘en’,
language_direction: ‘ltr’,
default_language: ‘en’,
cart_prices_w_taxes: false,
theme_name: ‘responsive’,
regexp: [],
current_url: ‘https://my_site/cat/cat2/?activate_redirect=0’,
current_host: ‘my_site’,
init_context: ‘’
Out of 750 links, only 5 are indexed - those that do not display the said parameter
– 750 URLs submitted
– 5 URLs indexed

What is cart js? Please clarify

What is cart js? Please clarify

This is the proper cart of the store where we are adding our products

(function(_, $) {{
    cannot_buy: 'You cannot buy the product with these option variants',
    no_products_selected: 'No products selected',
    error_no_items_selected: 'No items selected! At least one check box must be selected to perform this action.',
    delete_confirmation: 'Are you sure you want to delete the selected items?',
    text_out_of_stock: 'Out of stock',
    items: 'item(s)',
    text_required_group_product: 'Please select a product for the required group [group_name]',
    save: 'Save',
    close: 'Close',
    notice: 'Notice',
    warning: 'Warning',

Sitemap is also correct and there are no errors reported


Found it in product filters too


No such parameter in the demo site


Still not solved

It turned out that the parameter is added by a third-party add-on - Change Homepage with any Category, Product or Page (HW)