Google insight speed test

I recently try to test my cs-cart performance FYI, I using cs-cart multivendor 2.2.5

I using google insight and pingdom test, and it returns with comment like this

  • enable compression
  • leverage browser caching.

    Do you have any idea how to fix this?

    Thanks a lot

See the forum post linked in my signature, which covers compression and browser caching and more. As long as mod_rewrite and gzip are enabled on your server, it'll work for most server configurations. You can check for mod_rewrite compatibility in your CS-Cart admin, via Administration>Database>PHP Information.

You should see something similar to:


Loaded Modules: mod_rewrite (amongst many others)

If gzip and mod_rewrite are enabled, speeding up your store is quite simple following the guide I posted.

hi stellar

Thanks a lot…

I will try to use it

After trying Stellar advise, and it was awesome. I still try to speed up my cs-cart 2.2.5 a little bit more.

Did any of you guys have try this?

Defer parsing to the script? for the js below[list]

[]/lib/js/jqueryui/jquery-ui.custom.min.js (133.2KiB)

]/lib/js/jquery/jquery.min.js (77.4KiB)

[]/lib/js/tools/tooltip.min.js (2.9KiB)

]/ (1.8KiB of inline JavaScript)

[]/lib/js/appear/jquery.appear-1.1.1.js (1.5KiB)

]/var/cache/js/core.js (348B)

[]/var/cache/addons/live_help/js/visitor.js (347B)

]/var/cache/js/ajax.js (347B)

[]/var/cache/js/editors/tinymce.editor.js (347B)

]/var/cache/js/exceptions.js (347B)

[]/var/cache/addons/live_help/js/live_help.js (346B)

]/var/cache/addons/recurring_billing/js/func.js (346B)


If you do, could you please advise where can I find this main file to be add 'defer' or 'async' ?

Thank you


Please try to add this on your website [url=“GitHub - farhadi/SmartOptimizer: SmartOptimizer is an open source PHP program that enhances your website performance by optimizing the front-end using techniques such as minifying, compression, caching and concatenation on demand.”][/url]

You need just to edit .htaccess, add the smartoptimizer on the root and add 0777 on the subfolder cache and check with google after

I hope that helps,



will do…