Google Export > Features Text Field > Product Descriptions

Hello, thanks for reading, any help is appreciated. We are using cs-cart version 4.2xxx.

We are using the Google Export addon to export our product feeds to Google Merchant Center AKA Google Base. These ads were previously called PLA ads and are now “Google Shopping.” The change to Google shopping expanded the amount of characters allowed in the description field from 500 characters to 5000 characters. Google has acknowledged that this change means that they are using the “Product Description” field more so than in the past to for the targeting of the PLA ads.

The problem: Google Export Addon maps / targets the “description” field for exporting the “Product Description” field to Google Shopping. When we use this field it exports the product description with html, which is a violation of the Google Feed guidelines.

So, we created a feature field (other / text) and mapped the plugin to use that feature field, and this works great, other than having to manually place the descriptions in the feed. The problem is the feature field truncates the characters at 255, which is not enough character to properly optimize the feed.

Solution: We need to be able to raise the level that the feature field truncates characters to 5000 … or we need the Google Export addon to strip html before importing.

I do not know what or how to do this … thanks for reading…

If I can recall correctly, all you need to do is use the “Google description” instead of the default “Description”.

Edit: Those may not be the correct terms/field names but the point of using the description from the Google addon is because it strips html from the description.


Thanks Tool!