Google Export (Feature Categories)


Recently investigated an issue that I wanted to find out if anyone else has experienced the same.

The client had Google Export enabled which created over 5K feature variants for the Google Categories feature. Of course, they only used 2 of these for their 2K product.

As I followed the code, the SEO addon uses the get_product_features_variants_post hook and it tries to update the seo_names cache for each variant. It does NOT use the static cache so it tries to update the in-memory cache for seo_name and seo_path for each variant, then throws them away after page load. I think this is a defect in that it shouldn't even care about caching a name if it's only reading the data. It added 20 seconds to every product detail page load in customer view.

I deleted all the variants not being used and the page now runs normally. but I think that is masking deeper issues.

So I have two questions/issues:[list=1]

[]Why are all the Google categories loaded as variants. You can only delete them one by one in the admin panel (I did it directly in the DB, but most merchants won't want to do that).

]Why is SEO module trying to cache the SEO names of all these variants and only doing it for the lifetime of the page? If they were updated (if missing) and then saved in the static cache, it would make sense.


I'm sure cs-cart won't respond (they never do to these type of things) but I'd be interested to know exclusively about #2. As far as #1 goes, there should be some “cleanup” option to rid the system of all the unused categories variants. I can understand the need to list them all to associate product categories with them, but leaving them there to be acted upon unnecessarily seems like a huge waste of startup time.


Hi Tony,

I have a quick question, I hope you could answer for me.

Im a developer working for a very experienced web dev company trying to figure out their new ecommerce plaform to develop with for the next 10 years+. It's a rather large, but common problem for many web development companies, so i hope this can help.

I have high hopes for cs-cart being the solution, but I am concerned reading your posts Tony over the years i've been personally using cs-cart. The amount of problems that are pointed out by yourself, but very rarely acknowledged with the cs-cart team on the forum. The above being case and point!

If you were starting out again, would you choose cs-cart to base your business on?

If you were building websites for large corps with lots of customisation, would you choose something else?

Thanks for your time, really apprecaite it.