Google does not find items that are on the second page in of a category

Can anyone tell me how to fix this. (1.3.4 sp3)

Finds everything on the first page but when I get to page 2 for a category then it finds none of the items.

Not to good - of course.

But it must surely be an easy fix.

(I have SEO turned on)

Maybe Disabling “AJAX(Javascript)-based pagination” in Dynamic HTML Settings fix The problem.But I Have That Option Active and No problems

Can you tell me what changes will happen in the real world if I disable that option.

I have not the faintest idea what it does.

I thought that I should add - in case it makes a difference - that I am using the brickwork yellow-green skin

Okay all turned off.

But I am still curious as to what it does or why it exists.