Google Customer Reviews Code


according to google instruction I added review opt-in snippet on checkout landing page, namely to order_confirmation.override.tpl

{hook name=“orders:invoice_order_status_info”}
{assign var=“deldate” value=“+3 days”}


I checked landing page source code and all data appears correct.

But for some reason opt-in option does not appear on checkout landing page. What can be the reason?

Ok, never mind, it works as needed. It just was a wrong id number.

Why would you use 'override' to add code versus 'post'? Not a good idea since you'll be throwing away any 'post' data that has been applied prior to your 'override'.

According to the docs they advise to add sales tracking code to override.

So I just added extra snippet to the same file for reviews.

As far as I know there is no any extra data for order_confirmation in my case.