Google Checkout trouble

I have set up everything correctly in Google Checkout settings and within my account at But the shipping charges do not appear on the Google Checkout payment page when using Google Checkout to make payment. I know everybody here doesn’t like x-cart, but in x-cart there was a work-around to send Google Checkout your real-time shipping rates even if it didn’t send before Google Checkouts 3-second timeout.

Anyone have a solution for this? Using fixed-rate shipping will be the last resort.


Hi JeffS

Did u ever get this resolved?



I understand that this issue only happen when shipping is real time. With custom shipping, there should be no problem. There is a thread going on with the same topic.

We are also having trouble with Google checkout. techman, where is the thread with the same topic?



P.S. I’ll summarize our problems and solutions in another post once we have worked out all the issues. But right now we are seeing server time outs that mean real-time shipping doesn’t get added to Google checkout orders.