Google Checkout Shipping


I am trying to set up Google Checkout but am having difficulty with shipping rates. I have 5 shipping methods all priced differently depending where in the world I am shipping too. How do I pass the shipping costs to Google Checkout?

I have tried adding them to the config of Google Checkout in CS Cart and in Google Checkout account settings but neither seems to be working.

Any help is appreciated.


I believe Google Checkout has a 2 second rule or something like that. If you offer too many different methods Google really chokes. Google basically gives your website 2 seconds to contact each of the shipping companies and if it doesn’t hear anything it leaves your shipping blank. You can put an alternative or backup generic shipping amount in, but this doesn’t really work either.

We gave up on Google Checkout being a real alternative quite a while ago. If you ever need help from them you are pretty much screwed. The fact that it has been several years and they still have the same buggy issues shows you how much they care.

Cheers clips

This was pretty much the idea I have got.