Google Checkout + Shipping (Resolved!)

Hello everyone,

As we all know the shipping part has been fixed in SP3 where it sends it out

to google checkout, i have looked at the code for the past 2 days, and cannot see

where within the update this change was made, does anyone have any ideas or suggestions, what to add or remove from what. If not lets get all together and try to figure this out, as having paypal as only option for payment is kind of lame.

Im still running SP2 and am trying to see if this is possible without updating to SP3,

on the otherhand, has anyone figured out how to do manual upgrade? to SP3, nothing works =(

Truly Dissapointed,


As far As I can tell shipping is NOT resolved for GC in SP3 when I try to use it I am still sent to GC without any shipping price. I assume as it has not been calculated, does anyone know of a solution to this? I was hoping to add GC to my site today but it looks like another thing I will have to compromise on until it is sorted :rolleyes:

From what I understand, Google checkout uses XML to communicate back with our site to get the proper freight. After a customer enters his information (his address, for instance) on Google Checkout page, this data is transfered to your CS-Cart, shipping rates are calculated in CS-Cart (if reatime shipping methods are used, UPS for instance, then CS-Cart transfers information about the address to UPS and gets a rate from UPS), then CS-Cart transfers shipping rates to the Google Checkout website and they are displayed for the customer.

Here is what CS support told me when I was using 1.3.4…


We have investigated the problem once again and discovered that the “xmldocument.php” file located in the “classes/xmldocument” directory is old. We copied the “xmldocument.php” file located in the “classes/xmldocument” directory of our default CS-Cart to the “classes/xmldocument” directory of your CS-Cart installation. Now shipping methods are displayed with the correct rates.


When we had problems before we turned off Google Checkout. We have just begun the process to reactivate it to see if it now works in 1.3.5 sp3 on