Google Checkout Problems

I’m having some problems with Google Checkout and I’m not sure what is going on.

Basically when a customer places an order the cart takes them to Google Checkout. They then enter their information and checkout. When they click on the page to bring them back to my cart, they get a message saying that their order was canceled and they think they need to enter in all of their credit card information all over again.

I want Google Checkout to only authorize so I can charge later. When Google Checkout is set like this, the order is captured, but in my admin, it comes up as incomplete.

If I change the Google Checkout setting to authorize and charge, the card is charged and the order comes up in the admin as processed.

Either way though, it comes up as a canceled order for the customer.

I’ve had no problems with Google Checkout until recently. I actually just upgraded this store to 2.2.4 the other day. The thing is though, the Google Checkout files haven’t changed between 2.2.3 and 2.2.4 so I’m not sure if the upgrade is 100% to blame.

I have also gone through and re-input my integration settings, but still no joy.

Has anyone else had this type of problem? If you have, have you found a solution? If you have a solution, please share it.

Also, if anyone has any ideas of what to look for, I’d sure appreciate it. I’m hoping it is just something simple that I’m overlooking or something, but I’ve gone over the files and the settings tons of time and I just can’t see the problem.



I am on 2.2.4 and Google Checkout is working fine. I have had issues in the past when the site exports the sale over to Google Checkout if for whatever reason the tax ends up different etc it will say the order is incomplete even though it went thru.

I know that they are converting to Google Wallet so I hope CS-Cart is paying attention to the transition if any code needs to be changed/re-worked so there is no down time.