Google Checkout......problem showing error.

Hi everyone,

I just noticed that we have not been getting notifications of sales through Google Checkout.

When I look at the error messages from google integration console they look like this

We encountered an error trying to access your server at [url][/url] – the error we got is Remote host closed connection during handshake

Everything is working well in shopping cart and i have used the code of google checkout code for intergration .That is also running well. Still i am facing such problem.

How i can resolve this error. Please help me.




Have recently added Google Checkout to my store, this is after upgradying to SP4 as we were advised it would work correctly with the version.

We get the following error …

“We encountered an error trying to access your server at https://www.******** – the error we got is PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target”

The order is received fine at the Google Checkout console, but there is no record of the order within CSCart.

Anyone know what this is or how to fix it please.