Google Checkout not carrying over shipping

I have been looking into why Google checkout does not carry over shipping charges all over the web and still have not found a solution after 2 months. I also experienced this on Interspire Shopping cart.

Although many say the 3 seconds rule is where shipping charges must be obtained from CS cart, my tests are proven in less than 2 seconds they are still not obtained. I would like to know if anyone has managed to get this running in the UK?

The title for the shipping option is carried forward but the shipping always defaults to zero even if you set fall back to something high or manually enter a weight shipping table in Google checkout. Perhaps the googlepayment php file has a bug.

my last option would be to use CS carts 30 days support but I am saving this for the missing shipping states issue.

updated to latest version on the 11/08/2010. Still the same. After 6 months not a reply from anyone. Please help?

On Google checkout page you will notice a small grey text on the top right, saying … all taxes and delivery will be calculated on next step

I have the same problem. Need helps from CS cart supports

Google checkout carries over shipping fine. That’s on v2.0.12.

Only problem I have with Google checkout is that even though it carries the coupon discount over to Google checkout, the discount is not reflected in cscart.

So cscart shows a larger order value then Google checkout. Everytime I try to capture the payment in cscart, I get an error saying the amount I try to capture is more than allowed.

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I am using latest version of cscart, but still the shipping charges are not passing to Google checkout. Is there anybody out there having the same problem. This is very frustrating. I am working with cs-cart team support to resolve this.

I would really appreciated if you guys post something about this.

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