Google checkout in the UK?


Perhaps not the best place to ask but some of you guys may have an idea. Basically, I want to know when google checkout will be avaliable in the UK. I am very interested in using it.




Thanks, I had actually read that a while ago but wondered if there was any more news or any insider information!

Thanks again


thats all i have heard as well, sorry.

Oh well, I’m sure it won’t be long. I realised the other day that PayPal payments pro is now avaliable in the UK - they never told me!


I have received following reply from google:

Hello Ali,

Thank you for your email and your interest in Google Checkout. I understand you are not able to sign up as a seller for Google Checkout from UK. Below, I’ve answered your question.

At this time, merchants with a U.S. address and bank account can only use Google Checkout. Google Checkout merchants can ship goods inside and outside the United States. Therefore, you are not able to edit the country field or provide your UK social security numbers.

We are looking forward to make this service available in UK and in other countries in near future. However, we’re unable to comment on the timing of Google Checkout’s availability in specific countries.

Additionally, U.S. buyers and buyers in a limited number of countries outside the United States can sign up for the service and make purchases in U.S. dollars through Google Checkout. For a current list of countries where buyers can use Google Checkout, please visit [url][/url].

Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any additional questions.



The Google Checkout Team

No processing fees through the end of 2007 when you use Google Checkout


Original Message Follows:



Subject: Google Checkout Merchant Account

Date: Sat, 7 Apr 2007 13:09:16 -0700

Question: I am based in UK and am trying to sign up for Google Checkout Merchant Account but I don’t see an option for signup for UK as it takes the country as USA by default and is not editable. Also under Card Information, for Personal information it requires SSN number which doesn’t work with UK Social Secuirty Numbers. Do you offer this service to UK businesses ?

A quick reply is appreciating.


It looks like it was released today :slight_smile:


I have already configured google checkout uk but strangely it appeared only once on my shop front. Now I have google check and paypal but when I go to checkout page it gives me only one payment option which is paypal. I have google checkout properly configured and set to be available.

I don’t know why it just appeared once and now not showing up.

Any help ? :confused:

I am trying to use google checkout uk. Have already signed up for google checkout merchant account for UK and configured the google checkout in cscart admin but it appeard only once on my shop front and don’t see it anymore. It also doesn’t show as an available payment option on the shop site but I am more than 100% sure that my configuration is correct and set to available for customers.

Any idea ?