Google Checkout Changes - May 5, 2009

We’re writing to let you know that on May 5, 2009, Google

Checkout’s transaction processing fees will be changing. We’ll be

transitioning from our 2.0% + $0.20 per transaction rate to a new

tiered fee structure, where the rates will vary depending on the

dollar amount of your monthly sales processed through Checkout.

The rate you’ll be charged beginning on May 5, 2009 will be based

on your sales processed through Checkout during the month of April

2009. Each month thereafter, we’ll continue to use the prior

month’s sales volume to determine your transaction processing

rate. For more details about the new rates, please visit


We’ll also be discontinuing the AdWords free transaction

processing promotion on May 5, 2009. Any AdWords transaction

processing credits accrued during April 2009 will be applied

towards transactions that occur on May 1-4, 2009.

Fees are the same for all payment types (Visa, MasterCard,

American Express, and Discover) and there are still no monthly,

setup, or gateway fees. For cross-border transactions, there will

be an additional 1% fee assessed per transaction. To learn more

about Google Checkout fees, please visit


Google is committed to the continued growth and development of

Checkout and to helping merchants increase sales by driving more

leads and higher conversions. Advertisers who use Checkout have

the opportunity to display the Checkout badge on their ads, which

has proven to be an effective way to differentiate ads and attract

user interest. Checkout users click on ads 10% more when the ad

displays the Checkout badge and convert 40% more than shoppers who

have not used Checkout in the past.

For more information about this change and how it affects the

product, please read our post on The Official Google Checkout

Blog: [URL][/URL]

If you have any questions, please visit our Help Center at


Thank you for using Google Checkout.


The Google Checkout Team