Google Checkout button not on cart checkout page

I know this has been tossed around for a while but can’t find clear answer.

  1. Is there a fix (paid or unpaid) for having google check out icon display on cscart checkout page. Right now it’s before customer logs in. It doesn’t record the sale int he cart which seems like a waste of time.

  2. If #1 is a no, which payment processor is the best to use for full integration with cscart? I don’t want to use paypal.

    Version 2.07

If you have everything set up correctly with Google Checkout, CS Cart should record the sale and create a new customer profile once the customer has completed their transaction. It works for me and the button for Google Checkout appears on my Cart page.

I use for my payment processing (along with Google and Paypal Express). They are fully integrated with CS Cart and I have never had a problem with processing payments. is relatively cheap and I get my $$$ within 2 days of the purchase. They also have a user control panel that makes refunds and reporting a breeze and 24 hour customer service. I think I pay around $15/month plus 2% and change of each sale.

If interested, I actually went through another user of the forum to set up my account. His contact info is below. He is a nice guy and made the set-up process very easy (you can search for his name to verify his activity on the forums if you want). Best of luck!

Mike Keeney

(775) 857-3800

(800) 764-7469

Does google require a an ssl certificate on the server for the orders to write back to cs cart? Right now it only records in google and never back to the cart. Can’t find any help on this forum.


The cs-cart knowledge base seems to answer your questions.

Look here:

[URL=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation