Google changes May 2010

Has anybody noted Google traffic changes to their shop in the last few weeks?

We know Google have released Caffine (an infrastructure change) Jazz (search page look change and of course the ‘Mayday’ algo update.

I find it interesting that there has been significant discussions on webmaster forums but really nothing on here…yet.

Do you can send here some links where i can read it from the other pages, because i do not understand the issue, or the problem… But all things wich are google based case are very interesting and important for all Webmasters and store owners. Therefore thanks for your informations!

Thanks for the reply.

As far as I can understand, there are a large number of eCommerce shop owners suffering from huge drops in traffic. Some examples that seem common are up to 80% drop! That’s huge.

We have been hit too. Our current position is not to panic, but to stay calm and not make any major changes to our site at this time. We need to read daily and pursue continuous improvement of our site with content and great customer service.

This also applies to non-eCommerce owners, but this is Cs-Cart forums.

Webmaster World is a very good place to read and learn. The link below is just for Google, but there is an eCommerce forum too.


With any advice, be careful, read and ask before you make any significant changes.


If you are reading this and your traffic has dropped, you are NOT alone I assure you. It will come back soon. No idea when, but it will. The same drop happened in 2003 with the Google ‘Florida’ update, and the traffic came back…eventually.

Try these places too for education. Both are great and should help your eCommerce business.