Google can't find my website

Hi all,

It's been more than two weeks since our site went live and till today, google can't find it.

I have added site to webmaster tools made links to other small sites that I have, yet only thing google finds is our facebook fan page.

In webmaster tools I added three domains www, https and http (w/out www) with prefered domain to www.

Anyone knows how come it does not index our page?

I read something about meta names should be index not noindex.

Hope some1 will tell me if i miss something about that.



Check also robots.txt, or post a link to website to check

Hi Vali,

thank you for the reply.

I just sent u PM

I jsut realized that this code is in head

However when i look at the site that is on my localhost, it's not there.

How come?

I'm attacing prnt screen of source (localhost and live)




Because you're in SSL mode. Actually I don't get it why you put all the pages under SSL.

i read on the web that it doesn't matter if you have SSL. Google would index the site anyway?

You should fix this part of your config.local.php:


  • Script location options

  • Example:
  • Your url is [url=“”][/url]
  • $config['http_host'] = '';
  • $config['http_path'] = '/';

  • Your secure url is https://secure.yourc…secure_dir/cart
  • $config['https_host'] = '';
  • $config['https_path'] = '/';



    // Host and directory where software is installed on no-secure server

    $config['http_host'] = '';

    $config['http_path'] = '';

    // Host and directory where software is installed on secure server

    $config['https_host'] = '';

    $config['https_path'] = '';


    Using ssl for pages where it isn't needed is silly, cause it slows things down and is unnecessary.

    Oh I see cscartrocks beat me to it.

guys, i understand that maybe SSL is silly, however this should not be the case as I read that SSL is not a problem with google to index the page.

I opened a ticket with cscart to see why i get this.

@Flow…i have config.local as you wrote.

hopefully i will find what causes this.


well, im lost here…hoping cs guys will reply to me soon…dont really know what to do

You already have the solution. Applying ROBOTS NOFOLLOW tags to the entire HTTPS branch of a website is what every smart webdesigner does, and thus so does cs-cart.

and where can I change that? sorry, im not a designer or coder.

finally… :)

Thanks Urko!

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