Google Book Search

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone has Google Book Search implemented on their site? I have no coding experience and I downloaded the sample script from Google’s site.

I placed it under my image in the image template and it works ok, The only problem is that the ISBN number was already there. So no matter which book I go to it always brings up the same book. How can I get it to fill in the ISBN automatically for the book that is being viewed?

Any help would be most appreciated.

Nobody has any idea? It seems that anyone with a bookstore would be interested in implementing this.

Maybe I wasn’t too clear in my post. I hope this simplifies it The script from google Book Search is

What I would like to do is to replace the 0023457893 with my product code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Never mind. I finally figured it out.

It would be beneficial to the community if you could post how you fixed it. Although nobody has replied it’s still a community forum. If you would prefer not to post the solution please let me know so that I can delete the thread.



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Never mind. I finally figured it out.


HI, great. We would appreciate if you could please explain how you implemented this.

Thanking you in advance.