Google base product type feature

Currently you can only select one product type for your entire store. Google has a detailed product selection tree. Our store carries all sorts of home appliances, which fit into many different types.

It would be great if the individual products could have a type selected based off the stores categories, or google’s choices.

Couldn’t you create multiple datafeeds for your different product types and select by categories to create a feed? You could then set the ‘product type’ appropriately for a specific feed file.

I know this is not as convenient as storing the product type on the product or category but would we then need a way to specify different product types on a per-product/per-category basis to accommodate other shopping feeds?


The way I envisioned it, there would be per-product specifications, though they wouldn’t be mandatory. They would fall back to the category type. And if that wasn’t there, it would fall back to that choice on the checkout screen.

It should include the entire google taxonomy:

See “Browse The Taxonomy

There is also a xls or txt version of it. But the js search on that page is good.

Anyone else want to see this?

you can use data feeds in place of the google base plugin and then add product types per item using the features option.