Google base problem

I am using the latest version.

About the google base, i have just read the forums, specially the below POST,

ALERT - Google Base Changing Policies On Sep. 22nd - General Questions - CS-Cart Community Forums

could anyone tell me is the CS team fixed the problem ? I mean is there any update to mean the google base new policies ?

Secondly, when i go to th export data field and was trying to export the data, but met a problem,

“The following fields are mandatory and cannot be removed from the layout:


how to get the feed ?

thank you

google bases feed.jpg

You will need to use the Administration > Data Feeds functionality. If you've upgraded to the latest version of CS-Cart then there will be some new product features/specifications called “Google export features” that will make Google happy. They've included a sample Google base feed in the Data Feeds section.

You can see exactly what Google is looking for at the following link: