Google base First time confused

Just over a day ago I got a Google FTP account and set my data feed settings.

Then I exported my shop to Google and received an all OK message within CS cart.

The Google emailed that all was OK with the FTP

Below is my status report which seems like minor error messages but so far I do not see my products on Google.

Am I on the right track and need to wait another day or do I need to change something and resubmit?

Feed status summary for google_general_11052009.csv

774 of 778 items inserted - Processed on Nov 5, 2009 6:35 am PST

Detected encoding: US-ASCII

Detected delimiter: Tab (\t)

Detected file format: Text Feed Level Messages

Error: Unrecognized header: product_type - Error

Your feed contains an attribute name our system doesn’t recognize. Please make sure the attribute names match one of the predefined attributes.

Learn more.

Warning: Missing recommended attribute: image link - Warning

While items missing recommended attributes will process successfully, we recommend including relevant attributes if they are available.

Item Errors - 4 items with errors 4 items affected


Prohibited word in attribute: description (4 errors)