Google Base Export

Good Afternoon All,

Does anyone export to Google Base at all as since the introduction of 2.1 images are now not exported. It seems like there is no image link to the thumbnail created in the exported .csv file from CS-Cart, is anyone else experiencing this at all? I am currently getting my thumbnails automatically created when adding products at the moment.

Check the bug tracker

Is there anyone with a bug fix to this yet, there is a possible fix in the bug tracker but it’s now working for us. Any help would be appreciated.

If you are interested in a general XML export of your product data in two different formats (1 is for Google Merchant - formerly Google Base) then this might be an option for you: [url][/url]

Documentation is in the Attachements tab on the product detail page. It is quite configurable and works on both 2.1.xand 2.0.x. It can also be used for other sites like,,, etc. Kind of a “2 sizes fit all” approach! :slight_smile:

cant export via ftp. google account set up, verified, all details correct.


do your settings in Admin/Security Google Base match those you setup in Google?