Google Base Export Question

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know if it is possible, instead of going through each and every single product, after enabling the Google Export Addon, is there a way in which we could set the respective Google Category against an CS-Cart Category, and then any products which are within that CS-Cart Category, will automatically inherit the respective Google Base Category setting, set at CS-Cart Category Level? A working example;

I have a VOIP Phones Category, with about 100+ products in it. Instead of going through each and every product, can I not set the google-base/export mapping against the VOIP Phones Category in CS-Cart, and then each product within that Category will inherit the category mapping from its parent category, and then, if required, for example, could be over-ridden at product level, if, say, for example, for a single product in that category, it would be better suited in another google base category?

Are there any tools to aid us in mass-enabling the google product export features for products?

I am migrating over from another vendor, and this is going to be probably the largest task of all for me.

I hope that makes sense.




The best way is to import the Google info as features for your products. I have a script on this forum to help with importing in the data. Be careful using the default import tool for features. If you only import in your Google Features, it will remove your existing features. This is why I had my script developed.

Using Excel and my script will make it so that you can do all of your Google features very easy.