Google and old links

hi to everyone

I just changed to the last version of cscart (from 2.0.8 ) and activated SEO

a link to one of my products now is:


where in the past it was:


the old links are somehow still operational (if you write the link the page is presented) and google has currentlly indexed (wrongly) more than 30.000 of the old pages.

I have already submitted a new correct site map to webmasters tools.

how can i advice google to remove the old links? (404 page maybe) or something else ?

thanks in advance

404 will works fine, but it will take some time.

Sorry for being a complete beginner at this however I am struggling to understand how I can get google to 404 error on all of the old URL’s. I too have just switched on SEO addon and yet google is still crawling the old urls.

It seems to me you’d want a redirect 301. Maybe this can be done with mod_rewrite?

You should try to use a 301 Redirect or use canonical tags in order to direct any ‘link juice’ to your new pages.

I’m really not sure how I do that to be honest with you. Could someone please advise a little further so that I can get google crawling the new urls with actual product names in?

It would be nice if you could automate this so you don’t have to do thousands of pages one by one, but the format is like this to do a 301 redirect:

Redirect 301 /index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30796
Redirect 301 /index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=123456

You put that in a .htaccess file in your root directory. Each redirect is on a new line. Be careful… if you make a mistake (extra space, error in URL, etc… it will generate a 500 error.)

Surely there is a way to fix this without doing it one by one. :o It seems like it would be worth some $$ to have a program coded that will pull the SEO url from the database. IMO this already should be part of CS-Cart. I started with SEO urls so I didn’t even realize this would be an issue.

Ion_Cannon put together a spreadsheet to help automate the process:



Good idea. To fix this particular issue, data from the cscart_seo_names table will need to be exported. A spreadsheet formula could be used to build those urls and Ion_Cannon’s could be used to build the redirects.