Google Analytics

In cscart 2.0 the GA plugin adds GATC outside of tag, in fact it is added just before the end of . This, according to google, is a critical issue. Should I be worried about that or it doesnt make much difference? My stats are “a bit” inaccurate.

Also, I've got a problem with e-commerce tracking. In theory as I understand to make it work you just tick the button in GA plugin in cscart and activate it in the GA panel and you're good to go. But where is the method responsible for pushing transaction data to GA server? On order confirmation I cant see such thing. There should be sth like this:

'[color=#339966]Acme Clothing[/color]',
'[color=#339966]San Jose[/color]',

On GA I got some trash data, the income shows a negative figure, but some things are OK, so I dont even know how cscart sends the transaction data and why isnt it correct always?

From what I understand GA tracking has now changed, it needs to be in the header and for ecommerce tracking you need to produce your own custom code for the cart using field names so GA can determine what the data is.

Bummer. Anyone has a custom GATC code on cscart 2.0 that I could relate to creating my own? What is the best .tpl file to put the GATC code into? Do I have to separate the standard GA code with e-commerce tracking code?