Google Analytics

hello just was wondering if someone did not have a same problem like me :-)

script for monitoring visitors suddenly has stopped working :-( I tried install uninstall addon clear cashe

write script to everywhere but still nothing

I gave extension to firefox which show there is no script on the site

site is

any help would be a very appreciate guys :-)

Huh, strange.

I see you have Livezilla on there. When did you add that? When you added it, how did you add it?

If you are using a footer.override.tpl it will remove the Analytics code.

Have you installed any other addons or anything recently?



hello many thanks I have in index.tmpl :-) and really have no idea another site is working pretty well on my server is a community version

its me again I gave between {literal} {/literal} in index.tmpl and is working like a charm :-) hope for someone could be useful :-) thanks