Google Analytics mod

I would like to know how to tweak Google Analytics mod that it does not send visitor stats to google if a certain user is logged into my store system.

The reason is because if I am doing maintenance, testing, adding new products, I am constantly reloading storefront pages that causes Google Analytics collect my information. In this way I am a fake visitor, and do not want to be on Google Analytics.

What Google does because of my own hits on the pages - lowers my inside rating by increasing bounce rate and counting up pages visited. That is what I do not want to have google know.

Also, Google penalizes websites with high Bounce rate, and I am surely bouncing myself.

If you guys can suggest any hack that will be greatly appreciated.

Also, I think that developer’s team should consider this request to be put into the mod enhancement!

It is a much better idea to exclude yourself by creating a filter in google analytics itself.

Look here. . .

[URL=“Exclude internal traffic - Analytics Help”][/URL]

Hey, that was easy. I’ve been wondering about this. I figured there was a way, but just never bothered to look into it. There isn’t much of a point of tracking how many times I visit my own site.

Thanks for the tip.



but still that would be nice to have ability to switch off google analytics code in the store for defined users, and admin permanently.