Google Analytics is changing, will CS-Cart change with it?

Hello All

I’ve just spotted that there is some new code available for Google analytics that will give us access to new features.

Are there plans for CS-Cart to be updated to take advantage of these new features?


Hi adders,

Can you explain what new features you are talking about? Isn’t all you have to do is edit the footer .tpl to include the new GA code?

Hello syclonix

Currently I just enter my google analytics number into the analytics addon in CS-Cart Admin.

So CS-Cart generates the code automatically.

The code is changing from the old urchin code.



To new Google code.


I just wondered if the Google Analytics Addon was going to be updated to generate this code.


i ask same question…is there will be update?

Think it’s hard to tell as we don’t know what these features will be. Maybe there will not be a need to update…

But the integration of some aspects of Analytics into CS-Cart was a great step forward. There are still many things which are not integrated yet, like the checkout conversion funnel, which is always great to have.

I hope CS-Cart add it as an extra Service Package, and perhaps a mod we can put into our store somewhere.