Google Analytics - Goals and SSL Checkouts

Have been working with the Goals within Google Analytics for a while now and have managed to get the majority of things working smoothly UNTIL we setup SSL on our server and cs-cart started adding csid= to the URL string during the checkout process.

Understand cs-cart needs this to pass variables along but my problem is working out what the regular expression is within Google analytics to allow it to match the Customer Info page through the Goal when the csid and subsequent variables are present e.g.


Have the following setup on v1.3.4:

Goal URL: Working fine and tracking completed orders nicely


Step 1: Basket View (Required Step not ticked as customers can enter via the checkout directly) This bit is working fine


Step 2: Customer Info


Step 3: Order Details - this is where customers are starting to enter the funnel due to the additional variables


Step 4: Order Summary - Working Fine


If anyone can help with a regular expression that works then i would be extremely grateful as have tried everything i can think of at the moment.

A useful tool i have been using to help test the expressions is EpikOne’s Google Analytics RegEx Filter Tester

I see a few errors in your existing rules (missing or out of order backslash, etc). You mention you want it to match additional variables in the querystring. Here’s how:

Your regex would look like:


It matches any string after “checkout” that begins with an ampersand and contains one or more characters. The ? means that extra chars may or may not exist.

Other alternatives:

^/index.php?target=checkout&mode=checkoutB?[/B] (matches & and one or more characters)

^/index.php?target=checkout&mode=checkoutB?[/B] (matches anything after the word “checkout”)

^/index.php?target=checkout&mode=checkout.* (“Cleaner” version of the previous rule. The star means “zero or more” characters (period = 1 char))

Also remember that you can blacklist certain GET variables within the Analytics profile. We add csid to our list of ignore vars.

Actually, after reading Google’s documentation, you can use simple regex’s to match. For example:

Basket View


Regarding regular expression matching, Google says:

[QUOTE]For example, ‘page=1’ will match,’ as well as’ [/QUOTE]

I just set up google analytics on my CS-cart 1.34 cart and I read through all of the posts on setting up Goals and I am still confused.

What do I place i the goal field to track completed orders?

What do I place in the funnel fields to track the checkout process?


Is there any update on this for the 2.0 version?

Update for 2.06 ANYBODY?

Nice to see the community is so busy with this, not even an anwser from users can be responded to…

Does anyone know the format of the RegEx URL’s for 2.X to work with analytics goal tracking? I’d like to track when a product is added to the cart, when they view the cart, and checkout

Thank you

So, the links for version 2.0.x should be the following:

Goal URL:


Step 1: Basket View


Step 2: Customer Info


Step 3: Order Details


Step 4: Order Summary


[quote name=‘steve22’]So, the links for version 2.0.x should be the following:

Goal URL:


Step 1: Basket View


Step 2: Customer Info


Step 3: Order Details


Step 4: Order Summary


Is this also for one page checkout or only for multiple pages checkout?

If not, can a funnel be created for the one page checkout?

@guyrotberg really nice shop what you have build!

Any idea how to use this code in V2.1 ?