Google Analytics & Cancelled orders

I’m having an issue where CSCart is transmitting cancelled orders as a negative transaction to Google Analytics. The problem is that it messes with the stats because if I really am getting 350 orders and I cancelled 20 orders from the day before, Google shows 370 transactions with 20 being negative. This then, affects average order numbers as well as ecommerce conversion rates. It’s not really a transaction. Is there any way to turn off the transmission of cancelled orders to GA?

I have the same problem in a 1.35 shop and a 2.x shop.

Is this a configuration error?

same bug here…

also when i change order status from Open to Completed it trigger again analytics…

You guys should add this to the bug tracker. Only way it will get resolved. I have yet to make it this far, so haven’t experienced this first hand. They will want someone that has first hand experience to post as a bug.