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We recently changed our Google Analytics from 3 to 4, but when placing the new ID in the Google Analytics add-on, it does not send any datas in Analytics (we made it 4-5 days ago, so it should have been started)

We are using CS-Cart 4.10 and 4.11.
Shall we change something else ?

I’m not entirely sure if built in add-on supports Analytics 4. Documentation does not mention anything about supported versions.

@CS-Cart_team do you know anything about this?

There’s also this add-on I found in Marketplace which does fully support GA4: Add-ons :: Marketing :: Full Google Ecommerce GA4

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I use the addon above, works well and is easy to install

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If I recall, GA4 compatibility wasn’t added until 4.12.

Yes, GA4 is supported starting from 4.12.2:

I have informed the documentation maintainers about this and hope that the article for this add-on will be updated soon.

Thanks all of you guys for your answer.
As I’m not able to upgrade at the moment, I went for the Cart-Power add-on (Google Enhanced Ecommerce (GA4))

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I have version 4.13, and I see addon for Google Analytics from 17/03/2017. How can I use GA4?


Just get your GA4 id from Google Analytics and enter it in the settings of the add on.

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It does not seem to work. I changed the google ID to my GA4 a few days ago and my stats all stopped. Using the old add on with the new GA4 ID does not seem to work at all.

I found the Property ID didn’t work for me (but did when it was a UA property ID), but when I drilled into the data-stream to get to the measurement ID it worked

The stats won’t display in the same UA section. You need to navigate to the GA4 section in Analytics.