Google Analytics (2.0)

I was wanting to setup GA for my site. However, it seems that CS is using a tracking code in a global manner (the UA number) for all transactions.

My experience is that the UA number is unique to a landing page (for tracking activity for that page only). I.e. UA-12345-1 might be the number for a home page and each landing page (product, catagory, or Page) might have a different UA number for each.

Then there is the conversion code which is also different and usually has a unique “conversion value” (may not be the price) for each product.

Does anyone have any experience they’d like to share in getting GA to work effectively? Seems that the GA addon is limited to a single analytic and not designed for a real site.

I would think that each category, product or Page detail should have a GA section in the addons tab to set the appropriate ‘code’ for that page. Additionally, for products, there should be conversion information that is settable on a product by product basis.

Using a global ‘default’ is fine but there should be the capability to manage this at he page/product level.

Please share your experience in getting this to work correctly. Maybe an example of 3 Ad Groups with different landing pages?



I think that you misunderstand how Google Analytics works. The UA number is basically your Google Analytics account number and you would use that number throughout one site, a second number would be used for a second and totally different site.

Once you’ve added the tracking code to your CS-Cart pages you would then do all the setting up in your Google Analytics account. You will find that Google Analytics can differentiate between all the different pages in your site.



If you want to manage it at a “site” level, yes. But if you want Analytics to map/match your ads then a separate UA number is used to track that the navigation is from that.

Maybe just a difference between use. I use a different UA number for each landing page associated with each ad. Then when I look at my Analytics, I can clearly see the traffic pattern as a result of my ads. If one ad leads to an exit after the one page and another leads to a checkout (for the same product) then I know I have work to do on the first landing page.

Oh well, just another extension to add.