Google Analytic Ecommerce Tracking Configuration Cs Cart Version 3.03


Ecommerce tracking is not tracking for my website. Google analytic is reporting all data perfectly. I had configured analytic using add on. My website based on CS cart version 3.03 professional. Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Dear Seomanish,

Make sure that you have a correct Google Analitics account number in the settings, if you have several storefronts.

The problem also can be in the status settings if the inventory is the same for every status. ECommerce tracking data are transfered to Google Analitics if the status changes and these changes lead to the products quantity changes.

Also the problem can be in the code, but here we can not give you any adviсe not seeing the code.

You are always welcome to contact us using the link in our signature.

Best regards, Alt-team.