Google Address Autocomplete - Speed Up Checkout Process And Increase Sales

CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.12.1 & 4.12.2 compatibility is added for Google Address Autocomplete addon. Upgrade from previous version is not needed.

This Google address validation addon works perfectly with our system. It was modified to be country-specific for Australia by CS-Cart Rocks. It worked out to be literally thousands of dollars cheaper than a commercial, reseller of address validation through Australia Post! Excellent customer service. Highly recommended!

CS-Cart & Multi-Vendor 4.13.1 & 4.13.2 compatibility is added for Google Address Autocomplete addon. Upgrade from previous version is not needed.

Hello, I installed this Google Address Autocomplete addon and I get the following error message when I start typing in the address field:

This page can’t access Google Maps correctly.

I configured the Maps and Geolocation addon and it’s working, I can see the map, plus the customer location addon also works. But this Google Address addon is not working right!

I tried contacting Cart Rocks several times and no answer. Is there anyone that can help me or at least tell me how I can request a refund if I can’t get this to work?

Hi, we’ve replied through email so please check your spam folder also.

We find it is working ok for a registered user > Profile Details > Address

The address field shows “Enter a location”

But it’s not working so a customer who wants to checkout as Guest.

The address field is blank. Typing into it there is no auto address…

We have checked to make sure it’s the same address field, and have tested on a standard CS-Cart install V4.16.2

Have cleared cache, browser, incognito, different browser.

From Profile Details

From checkout as guest

Hi, this issue is fixed through our helpdesk by reinstalling the latest addon.

Thank you to CSCartRocks for helping us with this.

Once we had the correct version for our CS-Cart Version it’s now working properly for Profile Details and Checkout.

Does anyone know how to add the “Enter a location” to the Address field of the Checkout as Guest address field?

I have checked Language texts etc to find the setting but can’t find it.

The problem is not particular to the CSCartRocks add-on, the same happens for other Google Address Autocomplete add-ons so it feels like it’s a CS-Cart change required?

This will need extra mod on the checkout address field. We will reply to you through our helpdesk.