Googe checkout

I have a customer who wants to use Google Checkout only.

A few things seem odd (version 2.0.14).

  1. The Google Checkout button appears on the bottom of the "car"t page.
  2. If someone clicks “checkout” (either from the min-cart or from a checkout button on a product detail page) they are told there are no payment methods available for their location.

    I guess my questions are:
  3. Why is “checkout” an option when it isn’t? Is this a configurable parameter somewhere that I’m missing?
  4. Why isn’t GC implemented like Paypal where the user goes through the checkout process and selects GC as a payment method?

    I don’t have a problem with the payment button at the bottom of the cart page. I do have a problem with a “checkout” link/button that tells the customer they can’t checkout.

This is actually how Google requires this to be implemented. It must be displayed on the cart page and can not be displayed on the checkout page. I guess cs-cart could code for the possiblity that google checkout is your only checkout option, but I think this would be a very rare occurance as even with Paypal Express you can have it on the checkout page.