Going Live


Well I think I am almost done and close to going live tho there is lots I can add as I go on.

The question is how do I actually go live what needs changing or altering to put it out there ?



Not enough information here to help I’m afraid. Do you have a URL of your store and if so, in your admin backend/settings/General/Key of access to temporarily closed store. Use: If this is left blank, your store should be open.


like roban said - need more info to assist you

if be chance you are keeping the same install folder as your testing stage, then really nothing much to do - if you have an index.html and index.php in the root folder and did not put your htaccess file on the server, and therefore the live url shows the index.html page - which could have been your coming soon message, and really your index.php was there - but just not accessible - then remove the html file and upload the htaccess file and you should be set to go.

good luck

Ok sorry was just in the bath thinking I didnt give you guys enough info :slight_smile:

The store is at www.mydomain/store it will remain at this domain

Alterations both to structure and content have been made mostly through, temp editor/default orange/customer/bla bla

Think this should help

Baby steps are required here please

www.mydomain/store ??? This can’t be the URL.

Ok so you need my url to help me which I find rather strange and am not prepared to do at this stage so I guess it leaves me stuck. The problem wasnt difficult CS was installed to store and I want to make it live. I did think that maybe you guys knew enough to help me and believed you were a little cleverer, seems I was wrong. This has to be one of the failings of a closed forum.

Thank you for your efforts

I don’t think that kind of attitude helps much. You did PM me with your url and I was able to access the store so I am not understanding what you need.

No its not the attitude.

You accessed my store by using my domain please explain how you did this ??

What I want is where I get a good answer to this:

“when you have finished building your store in www.your domain/store as per the manual you will want to make it available to the public under your domain name, to do this you need to”

I simply clicked on the link you gave me. The first line on your home page is…“Your architect says you must have one, the new bathroom magazine says showers and wet rooms are the future…”

But surely my domain is www.mydomain.co.uk you have a link that points at store dont you ?

Like yourself I dont want to be giving my domain out as a link to a folder in my directory I want it to be just a domain name.

Inorder to do this I have to get the following answered dont I ??

“when you have finished building your store in www.your domain/store as per the manual you will want to make it available to the public under your domain name, to do this you need to”

You aren’t really making any sense.

People are trying to help you and your becoming belligerent.

Maybe you should contact the help desk? or visit amazon.com for some books on e commerce and websites?

The easiest possible way for you,

Your site is built in [url]http://www.etinteractive.com/store[/url]

But you want it here : [url]http://www.etinteractive.com/[/url] so people can get to it using [url]http://www.etinteractive.com/[/url]

How do you make the move from the one to the other

The problem as I see it is people say they need more information but dont say what so the new people who dont understand become more confused, belligerent and the people who are in the know label them as idiots. There is more to help and being generally nice than dealing out answers if or when the fancy takes you.

You actually just provided the information that everyone was asking for.

You will need to take all the files inside /store/

and move them up to /.

Then you will need to edit your config.php file and enter the URL and Root of the store.


cscart_http_host: www.etinteractive.com

cscart_http_dir: /

do the same things for HTTPS variables if you are using HTTPS.

Then let er rip.

Here is a thread to also help you out


and believe me, no one will label you as an idiot for asking legit questions…

one more thing…if you are uncomfortable “moving” your site from a sub-folder to the root

any host worth their salt would do it for you.

so maybe check with your host

Also you could just set up a redirect with your host so if they go to www.yourdomain.com it redirects to yourdomain.com as I am doing so if you ever do decide to change your site layout you can without affecting your store.

Have taken the comments on board, moving the contents hasnt worked for some reason so will redirect for now I think

Did you edit your config.php file?

This is my path www.blabla/httpdocs/store moved all into httpdocs and changed the config file as instructed, I have missed something somewhere I think ?


Obviously blabla is not the correct url. Store front is where I want to look, not admin.

If store not ready don’t post it here!!!

If you PM it to me I will go have a look and see if I can understand what is happening.