Goggle Analytics which bit of code do I paste

I feel I have tried every combo but without joy.

There is the HTML bit that looks like “google*************.html”

And there is the meta tag option which looks shows

The ***** are different in both cases.

I have tried removing the pre and post parts such as google and html but all with no joy.

The user guides says

Tracking code – enter the Google Analytics tracking code (NOTE: the Google

analytics tracking code is the value of the _uacct variable in the Google Tracking

Code.) - which does not mean much to me.

I’m not sure what the manual is referring to. Are you trying to figure out what to put in Admin > Addons > Google Analytics > Google Analytics account number:? If so, it looks like this - UA-1234567-8

Ah that is interesting - neither of mine look like that it must be something different I have to find out from google.


In case you know where I would find it - any ideas?

Got it - it is within the analytics reports area

Do I put the whole bit in including the UA bit or do I remover the UA- and -1 from the end

You use the whole thing.