Go to profile data first on checkout

When a user is logged in and they decide to go to checkout, CS automatically redirects them to step 3. Can I change this to take them to step 1 first , I want one of my user groups to be able to change all the default info so more than 1 person can use the default account set up for 1 particular user group.

you see, I have a usergroup for a football clubs merchandise but all the parents need to sign in as the user that is applied to the user group but be able to checkout with their own cc and delivery details, or is there perhaps an easier way anyone else is using.



Interesting problem. Are you using 1page checkout?

Yes I am using 1 page, but also tried multi page and same there too, forgot to say ver 2.24


I worked around this by setting all the Delivery Profile fields hidden on Profile. But Shown/Required on checkout. XD

Doesn’t work for 3.0.2 since delivery fields are updated after checkout :(

Old solution found by flow. is this what ur looking for?

Works a treat, thanks


Works, But it is still loading the Delivery Address details from the previous purchase T.T