Global Update In Products

I found that the global update in products allows me to add 10% to all products in my store. It does say successfully marked up to 10%, however when vendors add new products to the site I would like all of them to be marked up 10% automatically as well. That is not the case. In order to do this I have to reset all prices back to original and then do the global update again. If I'm not careful then we see products being increased 20% and so on. Is this not the proper way to add the 10% rate increase to all products?

Anyone familiar with this or has any ideas?

Ultimately I want to add 10% across the board on all of the products listed on the site as a "seller fee" however I don't want the customer to see it. I don't wanted listed as such. If that makes any sense.

Thanks any input is welcome.


Hello jessica727

This requires writing an addon that will enable such changes.

Best regards


Agree, additional code modifications are required to it. Promotions with negative values are not allowed in CS-Cart